How to get CNAMES of Custom domains again for Blogger and Cloudflare

This is exciting, isn't it?

  Are you new to a blogger?  and have you been trying to add your custom domain to your blogger? It is the dream of many people to come to the blog to earn money. yes, we can earn money from blog blogging. but friends for that we need to get approval from Google AdSense which is a platform for hosting ads on the websites .so congratulation for one thing that is you have chosen a correct decision that is to make a blogger account you are already on the path of success so you have just created a broker account and you have been searching in YouTube regarding how to get fast approval in Google AdSense and you must have come out with an idea that many Youtuber says that is to have a custom domain in your website yes friends

 Yes, friends custom domain plays a vital role in approval we get a subdomain from blogger which is our site name that but with this domain name it takes a bit of time to get approval in Google AdSense so for that we need to have a custom domain we can buy it from any other domain providers available on the internet.


Remember that the domain must be a top-class level domain. so I hope that you have already had a custom domain and you are trying to see how to customize your custom domain in the blogger.

Other things aside you must have come up with a message regarding the approval of our authority to ask the domain that is to say we need to prove that we are the owners of the domain. so for that, we need to put names that look like those look like this in the Cloudflare DNS dashboard. Here I am talking about Cloudflare. It looks like this.


 Cloudflare is a powerful hosting that provides free DNS service. To link a custom domain with a blogger we need to put see names in its DNS  dashboard of  Cloudflare.  But you might have tried to customize or to add your item and again and again due to which you can miss the part a second time while adding in the Cloudflare

 I mean to say that you just recently added a custom domain from your blogger and you have just put see names in your Cloudflare.  no accidentally deleted the sea names from Cloudflare and also you customize and other website names and other domains in your blogger. Now you want to go back to the same domain name which was used in the first place but you are unable to get its name. is that correct, yes I know that's why you are here.

 I am going to tell you how you can get the sea names for your documents which are already registered in the console Google Console so  let's begin 

Follow the steps carefully!!!!

1. Go to Google

2. After that go here:

3. Add the property of the domain if not already added in the console

4. You will get an interface like this with the list of properties if you have already added them


5. Choose a domain name that you are about to use in the Blogger 

6. Can you see an interface in the option that saying that DNS Cname record then clicks on view details. There you go, you can have your name and target both presents there just copy and paste it in the Cloudflare dashboard.

It was that easy, wasn’t it?  of course, it was. This way you can find the Cnames of the custom domain that you want to use in the Cloudflare DNS settings. I hope this article was useful to you

 If you have any queries feel free to contact me for a comment down below. Have a great day.

Thank you 

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