How To Solve" Critical Security Alert Found" In Google Accounts?


     Google has become a daily need of today's generation. It has become one of our parts of our lives as today's world is the world with science and technology. Today, the growth of technology has shifted us towards the greatness of life. The things that were impossible before are possible today. As a fruit of today's advancement in technology, Internet has become one of the great inventions or achievements that mankind has achieved today. 

        And in the internet, Google has become an integral part where its use is to all people today who are using the internet. Google has many services and it provides great facilities to its users. And while using it we can experience great ease in our work. But always it's not the same case!!! With Google, there come google accounts. When using google in our day-to-day work we come up with different things in it. 

       Have you seen this email in your Gmail account – Critical Security Alert? I got the email yesterday from Google. However at that point, I pondered internally, "there resemble over 1.5 Billion Gmail clients, does Google have that measure of time to educate me about the issue, or is this simply a trick to get my secret word? 

  •  Google's Security Alert element is critical usefulness that tells you each time another client attempts to sign in from another gadget into your record. It could be you or a transgressor! In any case, Google will consequently send you an email to affirm – Is it you, attempting to sign in from another gadget? 

  • The fundamental driver of getting this Google Security Alert email: When you attempt to sign in from another gadget or you peruse the web behind a VPN or an intermediary worker. For the last explanation, cover your IP Address, Google thinks the login endeavor is produced using another gadget with an interesting IP Address! 

  • However, once more, programmers wouldn't be programmers on the off chance that they neglect to take advantage of the weakness. They utilize Google's security-ready element to execute phishing assaults. A few clients have even revealed getting phony/spam messages from Google itself. 

What To Do When You Get A Google Security Alert Email? 

If you've got a Google security cautioning, here are the accompanying things you can do: 

1. Ask Yourself, Whether It Looks Legitimate 

     In case you are attempting to sign in to your record from another gadget or your work framework, there's no damage. In case you are surfing, while VPN is empowered, there may be a likelihood that Google has shot the email since it is attempting to perceive the new/interesting IP Address. In case that is the situation, it can without a doubt be an authentic bogus caution. 

2. Cross-Check The Sender Details 

You need to check whether the Google Security Alert email has shown up from the authority Google organization or not. On the off chance that it looks dubious, don't tap on the email! 

3. Notice The Quality Of Email 

 Essentially check for the linguistic blunders and way of composing and drafting the email. In case it isn't from a real source like Google, they won't take the aggravation of editing the messages before shooting them. If you recognize a spelling botch or whatever other deficiency that can't be anticipated from an organization like Google, then, at that point it's a sham security-ready email. Disregard IT! 

4. Keep away from Emails With Links OR Download Buttons 

 If the Google Security Alert email urges you to tap on the connection or download something to dispose of the blunder or entices you to get your record by downloading an application. It's likely an authentic sign that you are managing a phony or phishing email. 

5. Take Help Of Google Account Security Checkup 

 Still in question? Just explore the Security Checkup page by Google. Here you get the whole data identified with the number of gadgets are associated, the number of them are right now endorsed in, outsider access, late security occasions, etc. View each section and in case you're not ready to distinguish anything dubious, you can be certain that it was a phishing email.

These are some of the points which you should first look at before doing anything further. Please note that these issues can be legitimate or fake. SO ITS YOUR CALL TO MAKE AND FIND OUT IF ITS REAL OR A SCAM.

If You Find that Warning is Legit and Is From Google, What's Next?

   So you figured out that the mail is legit and is from google, then you might have thought what's next. Well, fear not as I am here to guide you on how you can try to solve this problem with ease. Just follow the steps as I have indicated below.

1. Go to the Chrome Browser.


2. Select The Account upon which you are facing the problem. for that go to the avatar of the selected google account and just click it. Then after that go to Manage your account.

3. Then you will see an interface like this, which states critical security issues or alerts.

4. Now go to GOOGLE ACCOUNT HELP via searching in a  new tab in Google Chrome.

5. Go for the first link of the search page.

6. Then As you go for the first link, you will get an interface like this. Here simply click on the option of Account security, which is a drop-down option.

      7. In the Account security Dropdown list, select the option of suspicious activities.

8. After you go for the option, you will get an interface like this. Just scroll down till you see the option that asks you if it was helpful or not? Go for option NO.

9. As you go for No, in that option, You will get an interface like this, where you can see a box for the text message. I have provided the text here. Just copy and paste it in there in your case. After pasting hit Submit.

COPY THIS TEXT : "Hi google I have a problem with Critical security alert on my google account, I followed your steps I changed my password several times I put double protection with my phone number but I still have a problem because it still shows me an error on my google account Critical security alert Suspicious app detected, I would ask you to help me with my problem I would ask you to fix it so that I no longer have that option in my account. Thanks"

10. You will get an interface like this after submitting.

11. However, the work is not completed yet. Now go to the Google Account Help as indicated in the picture and Proceed towards further steps.

12. After That just scroll down till you find the option of send feedback on other things, which is situated in the bottom right of the page. 

13. In that go for the second option, ie general help center experience

14. Again a box appears as indicated in the picture below. In that again just paste the same text that I have to provide you in the above step. After this, Hit submit. In this way, your feedback will be submitted!!

15. After submitting the feedback, you need to wait for 2 to 5 days for Google to respond to your queries. So your patience is a must here.


In this way, you can solve your problem of the appearance of critical security alerts found in your google account. If this post has helped you don't forget to follow us and if you have further queries related to google just leave us a comment, we will reach out to your queries and will try our best to help you overcome your problem.

Thank you. Have a great day!!!

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