Halloween kills Review : Movie With Thrilling And Bloody Story

 The Halloween kills, Heard of it?

Hello, friends welcome back again to another movie talk and review. Today I am gonna give you some reviews related to a new movie which was released on the 15th of October,2021. I know you all guys love movies. I love to watch movies in my free time. I also love to watch movies when I am bored. 

Ok, I am gonna tell its name. The movie that I am gonna review today is Halloween kills. Yeah, you might have heard it isn't it?  Not only that, you might also have had watched it already, right?  I also have watched Halloween kills. Perceptions may be different though but what say is that I loved the movie.

The following words, spoken by Drs. Sam Loomis (Donald Pleasance) in 1978 on Halloween in relation to his patient, Michael Myers, who looked very close in 2021, Halloween Kills: just and bad. "Although Loomis appears to be just passing through the movie (due to the combined efforts of CGI hobbies and the passing voice of the double), his test Michael is lying in the middle of the movie. It can no longer be thought that Michael is human. 

David Gordon Green's intermediate chapter of the Blumhouse Halloween trilogy, Halloween Kills continues the story that started with Halloween 2018, explores past exploration behind the original film during this timeline, and stops the third and final movie in this round, Halloween Ends (to be released in October 2022 or October 2023). For lovers of shock and horror, there is much to praise you about Halloween Kills. While the 1978 product had a small body value (five died, including a sister and another random boy on the road to Haddonfield), Gordon Green does not give up on this. Halloween Kills takes its name seriously, donating more than a dozen bodies. But there is more to the story than just the recent experience of Michael Myers (James Jude Courtney). There are questions to be asked about the evils and evils of the attitude of the crowds. And one doesn't have to go too deep to get political stuff as Gordon Green gives a comment on Trumpism - how cruel forces can turn good, honorable people into monsters.

Movie Plot

The movie begins where its predecessor ended, with Michael thought to be embroiled in a fiery trap set by his long-time memorandum, Laurie. She, her daughter, Karen (Judy Greer), and her granddaughter, Allyson (Andi Matichak), are on their way to the hospital. Laurie is not in good condition after being diagnosed with a stomach ache. It is a serious wound but it leads to the hospitalization of most of the film. (Sounds familiar?) Her roommate is another victim (though not exactly Michael) who thought she was dead - Officer Hawkins (Will Patton). As Karen watches at the hospital, Allyson joins the "Evil Dies Tonight" mob that decides to bring Michael down without police interference. (The last time we saw something like this was on Halloween 4.) The band features franchise veterans like Marion Chambers (Loomis assistant, played fourth by Nancy Stephens), Lindsey (Kyle Richards), Leigh Brackett (Charles Cyphers) , Lonnie Elam (who also threw Robert Longstreet), and Tommy Doyle (who also threw Anthony Michael Hall). Their goal: to lower Michael or die trying.

In the movie Gordon Green and co-screenwriter / co-producer Danny McBride are using  the movie Halloween 2018 as an opportunity and chance  to pay respect to the original John Carpenter, the movie allows them to explore the psychological benefits of having a seemingly indestructible killer in the movie. Some characters are proud of their guilt. Some are updated with action. Some try to ignore everything and move on with life as usual (a bad idea for this couple living in Myers' old house). Many do foolish and incomprehensible things. (But what are you waiting for? This is a film that doesn’t drop down and some tropes don’t change). There is a lot of intimidation and Michael is as brutal as before (although most of his murders were committed with a knife - he is not the founder as he has been in some of the submissions). She wears the same mask (too bad to wear) and, although it appears for a while, has never looked good on her face (better that way - any face can be personal). Carpenter Music is our ever-present partner, covering years and reminding us of 1978.

Halloween Kills offers a lot of fan service. First and foremost is the presence of Jamie Lee Curtis who, despite being sidelined for most of the film, has informed us that his character is still alive. . minute). Best of all is that every surviving character from the original Halloween is given a line of expression. In line with their attitude of refusing to compromise the matriarch, two young women of Strode entered Halloween killing their innocence in the wounds and their determination was strengthened (though not much to do).


For decades, there was always the question of which ‘80s slasher franchise would surpass the others. With at least one entry, Halloween should be called “the winner.” It has been 11 years since Freddy Krueger last roamed and it has been a year since Jason visited the big screen. During his 43-year history, Michael has made many reboots and enjoys rejuvenation after decades of neglect. Halloween Kills is one of the best sequels (set aside for Halloween 4 and H20 and the shade under the 2018 brand) and contains all the things that make it popular among awesome movie lovers no matter how old they are. For more movie reviews you can go here. This much for this article. Meet you in the next article. Till then, have a great day!!!

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