How To Study Effectively ?

 Are you struggling to study?

Studying is quite boring work, right? You might have thought that studying might be boring work. Yes, studying is lazy work. The world that we are living in is advancing day by day and every day a new invention gets to pop out. The gadgets, internet, and various other technologies that are present are the factors that kick off the feeling to study and even why not. After all, it gives us pleasure.

My friend this is not only your problem. Remember the guy or gal in your class? Yep, they too at some time felt the same. But they came out of it and thus are focused on their study. Personally, I too struggle to study. To concentrate for some minutes seems eternal, back in the days. So this feeling is natural. So don't worry if you are not able to study. The main thing which you must always remember is that never fight this feeling. Respect the feeling, and with that slowly shift yourself to the focused and concentrated being.

Today in this article I will be sharing some points on how to study properly with great concentration. After following all these tips, I was able to overcome my struggle to have a meaningful and fruitful study hour. But first, let us talk about what causes this struggle in the first place.

Why do we struggle studying despite we want to study?

Like I have said before, the main reason for our struggle to have proper study time is the advancement of human civilization in various aspects. So let's discuss the factors that cause us to struggle to have a good study time!!

1. Lack of goal

Yes friends, if you don't have a goal or a destination to reach then there is no doubt that you will get lost in your way. So aimless life leads to lack of dream and lack of dream leads to lack of determination and lack of determination leads to lack to study and work hard of the life.

2. Distractions

Distractions can be many. It can be from technology to relationships. You can be addicted to smartphones, TV, the internet, and most likely in relationships. These also hampers in the concentration of ourself towards yours study.

3. Family

Sometimes, the family can be the main reason which can be the barrier for you to have proper study time. You might not have understanding parents or siblings which greatly cost your time and energy. And at the end of the day, you lose all your energy and are drained out to have quality and proper study time.

4. Procrastinations

Yes, it's not only the external factors that are pushing you down to the earth and standing as a barrier between you and your study. It can be you, yourself who might be the only person preventing to study. You can procrastinate your study work over some social sites present on the internet which ultimately claims your valuable study time and later you struggle to study due to social media and site addictions.

Yep, this might be some of the factors that directly or indirectly become a barrier to our study and in the end, we are the one who is the victim of it. We struggle to study. But friends, we can not be pessimistic thinkers always. We must think out of the box and be optimistic. We must think of the solution to this problem, right? So are you all ready to fight with this problem and come up with solutions so that your struggle for the study will be over and you will have focused, concentrated, and quality study time? So without further ado let's talk about how we can have better study time so that we don't need to struggle to keep ourselves concentrated and motivated every single minute when we sit to study.

How To Come Out From This Struggle?

Above, I have discussed what causes us not to study and if we want to study also what things present themselves AS A BARRIER WHICH MAKES US STRUGGLE TO STUDY. Now in this section of the article, I will be discussing some points to shade some idea on how one can be free from study struggle and have a perfect and enjoyable study time. To see what are those points.

1. A Better Study Place

 Yes, friend, place plays a vital role and has a direct influence upon our study and our study activity. Like every place is specific for a specific purpose, we must choose such a place where we study only. The place must be quiet from all sorts of city and other noises and also be free from any sot of distractions. the room where you are studying must have a light color on the wall which calms your mind. Always remember, a study place must only be used for the study purpose. So if you follow this then you will slowly start to feel that you are starting to love learning.

2. Study Table

As I have explained what sort of place you must use for your study, now I want to draw your attention towards the actual place where you should be studying. I see most of the people prefer to study in bed, in-floor, in the kitchen or other places. But I highly recommend all of you guys to use a separate study table in your room. Don't use the bed because the bed is for sleeping not studying. And with that keep your study table clean and don't cover the spaces with books and copies. Just keep it open, clean, and less congested. In this way, you will achieve greater concentration while studying.

3. Stop Using Mobiles 

I know, in today's world mobile has become a part of our life. I know that. But while studying don't use your mobile. I have already told you that do specific work at a specific time and place. If you are playing, play without thinking of any other thing. If you are eating, don't think of any other thing and just focus on eating. Similar to this case, while you sit for study don't play other things into your mind. Just focus on your study work. Just avoid all the Distractions while studying. Then you will surely love studying and have effective study time.

4. Paste a Written Declaration

This might sound crazy, but I suggest you manifest your goals and dreams in the paper and paste it on the wall where it's clearly visible to you at any time. you might be thinking, how this helps in the study. You might also paste a photo of that future you and the people who have already achieved that goal. Well, here is the answer. When you see such written manifestation, you all of a sudden remember your goal. By this, you get self-motivated and inspired to prevent wasting time in any other unuseful activities. And finally, by just a look only you will set to read and work for your dream. Isn't this great? Yes, it is. Well, give it a try by yourself also. I bet you will not struggle to study anymore.

5. Proper Time Table

Make a proper timetable of your daily activities on paper or in a diary. Allocate and divide your days by various activities. By making a study timetable, not only you will have a great track of the time, but also you will start to enjoy reading and studying. When you are starting it in the beginning, it feels boring, but when this becomes a habit, you won't need to struggle to read. You will automatically sit to study without any internal force to study. The feeling to study just comes automatically. So make a habit to work in a planned routine and you will get progress in your study.

6. Study Technique

By doing hard work and following the above points is just enough to have a great study time if you miss this point. Yes, my friends. You all might have heard study smart, not hard. yes, sometimes if you continuously study for a long time, you might get burnout. This leads to dissatisfaction to study and you will completely stop studying. Trust me, I have gone through this, and when you try to re-start to study, it's really struggling. So some might be struggling to study because of burnout. So I suggest that have 40 minutes study stations with 10 min breaks, to avoid burnout. Also, learn to enjoy life too. If you have good breaks then you will be refreshed and you won't have struggling time studying.


So friends these were some of the points which you might consider applying in your daily life or study pattern to get the most out of your study sit. I know many of you are struggling to get a focused study. yes, it's true. But it has the solution too which I have mentioned above. Just follow them and you will start to see that you are more towards study and you are not struggling to study anymore. it will click your mind automatically where you will have the feeling to study automatically not by force or any other compulsion. Just remember to follow my tips for 11 days so that they can become your habit and then you will start to see changes.

So this much for this article. Meet you in the next article. Till then have a great day bye. Happy Learning!!!

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