Movie 'The Card Counter': A brief summary of its Ending

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Hello, friends welcome back again. Today I am gonna give you some analysis related to a new movie. I know you all guys love movies. I love to watch movies in my free time. I also love to watch movies when I am bored. I especially love adventurous movies and action movies. what do you love? I know you too you love action movies and also many other types of movies.

 Ok, I am gonna tell its name. The movie that I am gonna give you an analysis about is The Card Counter.  Yeah, you might have heard it isn't it? You might have watched it too. If yes then good if not then you can watch. Today's analysis will relate ending of this movie. We will analyze its ending. So to understand this I think you must watch this movie. Otherwise, I fear you might not understand what I am about to tell. So let's start;

so lets start with some introduction to this movie first. Paul Schrader's 'The Card Counter' is an enthralling story that digs deep into a man's ethical responsibility. The movie follows an ex-convict who learns to play playing cards in prison. After serving his time, he makes use of his newly obtained talent to earn cash whilst dwelling a low-profile life. However, an come upon with a former colleague's son ultimately brings him out of the shadows and forces him to are trying to find bloody revenge. If you are up for a gripping story of vengeance, then you are in luck. Here is the entirety that passed off in 'The Card Counter.'

'The Card Counter' Synopsis and Ending Explained

William Tell (Oscar Isaac) realized to play playing cards whilst serving eight years in an American army prison.
After getting released, he makes ends meet with the aid of turning into a low-profile poker player. Despite his stunning playing skills, he bets small and wins small to keep away from needless attention. William manages to remain off the radar whilst journeying a lot of casinos in the U.S. The former prisoner lived stealthily till he abruptly met La Linda (Tiffany Haddish), a previous associate. Linda works as a mid-man between gamblers and investors, who helps gamblers financially in return for a element of their wins. Impressed with his skills, Linda presented William to hook him with an investor. However, William thinks that working with an investor is a not a good thing as it is risky and they cam cheat you. It will solely burden and put stress on him as a player, so he in a well mannered way refused. William comes throughout a seminar in Atlantic City, whose spokesman used to be Major John Gardo (William Dafoe). He decides to go away nearly immediately, however a teenage boy, Cirk (Tye Sheridan) slips him a note. Cirk gave William his variety with an guidance to contact him. Curious, William decides to meet up with the younger boy. William finds out that Cirk needs to kill Major John Gardo. The boy is fuming with hatred, however William talks the boy out of it to retailer him from committing a crime he will regret.

Who Is Major John Gordo? Why Cirk Wants To Kill Him?

Major John Gordo, whose actual identify is John Rogers, was once born in Georgia. He used to be a personal contractor high-quality recognized for his competencies and competencies in interrogation. Gordo entered the Survival Evasion Resistance Escape (SERE) software after education in Nicaragua as an interrogator. The application objectives to assist U.S troopers stand up to extraordinarily antagonistic interrogations if they get captured by using enemies. However, after the overseas troopers at the Guantanamo imprisonment camp refused to speak at some point of interrogations, they determined to decorate the SERE tactics. John Gordo is amongst the consultants who arrived at the Gitmo camp to revise the interrogation methods. These strategies are inhumane and can without difficulty wreck all and sundry in all aspects, however they had been effective. Soon, the more desirable technique receives carried out to interrogation websites all over the world. In 2003, the U.S authorities utilized the methods for their civilian prisons at a penitentiary in Iraq, Abu Ghraib. Cirk's father who is Roger Baufort and William met Major John Gordo in the prison cell of Iraq, Abu Ghraib. Gordo taught them the artwork of interrogation. Why did Cirk prefer to take vengeance on Major John Gordo? As mentioned, the interrogation used to be harsh, inhumane, and illegal. When pics of the brutal interrogation leaked, Gordo disappeared besides a trace. All the human beings in the photos, which includes William and Cirk's father, get imprisoned. However, John Gordo, their supervisor, went unpunished and even constructed his very own consultancy company. Because of a flaw in the felony system, Gordo turns into immune to the crimes and can't get persecuted. Roger Beaufort misplaced his idea due to the fact of the incident. After getting launched from prison, Robert bodily abused his spouse and son, Cirk. He additionally bought addicted to Oxycodone and in the end dedicated suicide. William manages to retain his sanity and continues to stay a quiet lifestyles as a poker player. Cirk blamed Gordo for the bodily abuse brought about by way of his father. He can't undergo the notion that troopers like his father paid for the crime, whilst the mastermind, Gordo stays free as a bird. Cirk desires to kill Gordo for revenge

Did Cirk Get His Revenge in the End?

William persuaded Cirk to supply up his revenge in opposition to Gordo. However, the boy would no longer budge. William asks Cirk to go with him to the casinos, hoping to preserve him away from a violent life. He even decides to take part in the World Series of Poker tour to win sufficient cash to pay off Cirk's debt and supply him a new life. He plans to play for a 12 months and then return to dwelling anonymously. After a few matches, William managed to increase $150,000. He satisfied Cirk to take the cash and begin a new lifestyles with his mom. But vengeance weighs extra on Cirk's heart. During one of his matches, William receives a message announcing that Cirk did now not go to his mom. Instead, he went to Gordo's residence to take his revenge. William walks off the on line casino floor. He discovers in a information record that a suspect armed with a pellet gun shoots Gordo however misses. Gordo again fireplace and killed the suspect. William mechanically knew that it used to be Cirk. Enraged and furious , William make a visit to Gordo to avenge Cirk's death. William reminds Gordo of his crimes and as a result in the end kills him in a dramatic reenactment of the violent interrogations.William returns to the same prison after killing Gordo.

In the end, Cirk receives his revenge, but it price his lifestyles and William's freedom. The movie ends with Linda journeying William at the prison.


So friends, What do you think about this analysis? I hope you got the idea or the point that I want to indicate to you all. This movie is a must-watch movie. It can be fun to watch and also at the same time contains lots of suspense in the movie. What do you think about this movie? Let me know your thoughts by comments. So this much for this article. Meet you in the next article, Till then bye!

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